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Petey Ulatan has been featured in a variety of press articles for his cubic world artwork. If you would like to contact Petey for any press inquiries, please do so here:

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You don't need a totem in the fantastical worlds of Petey Ulatan, because it's obvious that these twisted landscapes are dreams. Inspired by the iconic bending city scene in Christopher Nolan's Inception and fueled by B.O.B.'s public comittment to Flat Earth Theory, Ulatan bends already stunning landscapes into physics-defying cubic formations that look like what you'd see in a Star Trekholodeck simulation if you zoomed out.

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architectural digest

With the untamable imagination of a child and the skilled hand of an artist, Petey Ulatanmuses on how the world would look as a cube. Folding images of familiar settings like a piece of origami, he creates geometric landscapes that dramatically add angles to panoramic views. Oceans drop off into eternity, cities overlook cities, and mountain ranges are creased right down the middle. The Honolulu-based innovator has a special appreciation for the wonders of the natural world, twisting coastlines and other common sights into distorted dreams. 

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design boom

Petey ulatan sees the world a little differently. the honolulu-based creative likes to ask ‘what if’ — what if the world was flat? what if our universe had different laws of physics? what would it look like? with these musings in mind and an artistic inclination, ulatan creates mind-bendingly manipulated landscapes that warp the perception of the world around us.

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Hi fructose

Honolulu, Hawaii based photographer and designer Petey Ulatan often creates images that explore the impossible. A recent series, which Ulatan posts to his Instagram page, takes this idea and applies it to infinite scenarios: digital photo-manipulations of his own photographs from his travels, others from Google images, that re-shape the world as if it were folded into a giant cube.

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