With a limited budget, I went on Amazon and created a little studio in my apartment. I purchased the following:

Backdrop Stand

Gray Muslin

700W Lightbox Lighting Kit

Neewer 160 LED CN-160

Total Cost: $157.96

The only thing that caused me trouble was the Gray Muslin. Being that it’s foldable fabric – it is a pain in the ass to remove the wrinkles before each use. I will have to try a seamless paper backdrop in the future. Ideally, I wish I had the space in my apartment so I can have this system up all the time. But, that’s not an option for me, so I will have to deal with it for now. Nonetheless, setup is fairly easy. I have used strobes in the past (Vivitar 285HV’s with Pocket Wizards). However, I do like the option of the Lightbox Kit and 160 LED CN-160 being constant light sources (which is something I deal with when I shoot outside) to accurately control how lighting hits the subject.

I used the lighting kit as my key and fill and the CN-160 on a separate light stand to serve as a hair light.

Now, the challenge was to take this selfie. I tried with a self timer, but I did run into some focusing issues. Luckily Sony Play Memories does offer a remote phone trigger for the A7RII so I can see the shot and work on focus while sitting in front of the camera. I purposely left the phone visible in one of my shots 🙂

After a few takes, I picked a couple shots to play with and was able to create the results below. This was a fun project and I’d like to do more in the future.


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